Introduction of our brand names

Introduction of our brand - Ringbio test kit brand names

Currently, at Ringbio, we have several different brand names available for different pipelines of products.

Ringbio, the company name logo brand

Ringbio, the company name logo brand

Since its establishment, our rapid test kits for food and feed safety have been promoted under this brand name, the Ringbio brand logo is the same as the company logo.

NBGen, the company name of our incorporation

NBGen, the company name logo - brand names   NBGen, the company name logo - brand names

NBGen is the other pioneer biotechnology company that incorporated with Ringbio in 2017, since then, we started to promote our animal test kits under this brand name. NBGen in Chinese stands for top quality and embracing of everything.

ViTest, the new brand name of our biochemical test kits

VITEST, the company name logo brand - brand names

ViTest is a new brand name specially designed for local dairy formula customers in the beginning. Our vitamin test kits, lactoferrin test kits, etc are promoted under this brand name, which was later very popular in local customers. In 2020, we also started to promote these related products to international customers from other countries. 

Flexy, the new name for our fluorescence-based tests and devices

Flexy stands for flexibility, accuracy and precision. This new brand name is for our latest products of companion animal diagnosis. These test kits and devices are based on immunofluorescence and can produce more stable, sensitive testing results, which will help both veterinarians and pet owners. Our real-time fluorescence PCR for animal diagnosis is also promoted under this brand name.