Cattle blood ketone rapid test strip

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Cow blood ketone rapid test kit is an enzymatic rapid test kit to detect ketone level in blood quantitatively. The result can be read with mini ketone meter.

Ketosis is a metabolic disorder that occurs in cattle when energy demands (e.g. high milk production) exceed energy intake and result in a negative energy balance. Ketotic cows often have low blood glucose (blood sugar) concentrations.

Cow blood ketone rapid test kit Specifications

  • Package Size: 10T, 50T or custom size
  • Detection Limit of beta-ketone: 0.1 mmol/L - 8.0 mmol/L
  • Sample: blood
  • Detection Time: 10s 
  • Shelf Life: 12 months

Cow blood ketone rapid test kit components

  • Cow blood ketone rapid test strip, 10pcs/vial or custom size
  • Kit instructions
  • EO blood ketone reader

How to interpret the test result of this kit

You can use the NBReader cow blood ketone glucose meter to check the result instantly. In the reader, 800 entries can be stored.