Dairy Milk Test Kits

Dairy Milk Test Kits

Ringbio dairy milk test kits for contaminants like antibiotic residues, mycotoxins, pesticides, artificial adulterations and others. Validated by ILVO and other major institute, Ringbio kit performance meets the highest standard in EU and are recognized by global dairy community.

More than 200 kinds of dairy milk rapid test kits are provided to more than 100 countries to help farmers and producers to keep their milk safe. More and more new products are also developed to meet our customers' potential requirements, such as preparing different combinations of test kits, 3in1, 4in1, 5in1, etc., as well as developing new test kits. All kits are produced and validated according to ISO standards.

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Antibiotic Residue Test Kit

Accuplus MAT5 test kit - broad spectrum milk antibiotic test kit

5in1 Rapid Test Kit

2in1 Combo test dairy milk test kits

3in1 TriTest dairy milk test kits

4in1 QuaTest dairy milk test kits

Single Test dairy milk test kits


Pesticides residue test kits

Hormones Rapid Test Kit

Other Milk Test Kits

Mycotoxins and other chemicals test kits

Milk fraud test kits

Nutrients rapid test kits

Instrument and reader

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