Choline Enzymatic Assay Kit



Choline, a nitrogen-containing alcohol related to the vitamins in activity. It is apparently an essential nutrient for a number of microorganisms and higher animals (including some birds) and is also important in metabolic processes in other animals, including humans. Choline has several important functions.  Choline serves as a source of the methyl groups (―CH3 groups), which are required in various metabolic processes, and it functions in the transport of fats from the liver. This Choline Enzymatic Assay Kit is the enzymatic assay based on AOAC official method to determine choline in baby and toddler formula, suitable for use in dairy factories, dairy labs and food authorities.

Key facts of the Choline Enzymatic Assay Kit

  • Ready to use test kit based on enzymatic assay.
  • Method adapted from ISO/AOAC standards
  • Applicable for milk, baby formula, pharmaceuticals, food and feed, etc.

Choline Enzymatic Assay Kit Key parameters

  • Sensitivity: 1 mg/100g
  • Stability: 12 months when stored properly
  • Accuracy: 90%-110%
  • Assay time: 60min
  • Incubation: 44-48 degree Celsius

Choline Enzymatic Assay Kit Components

  • Precoated microwell, 96wells
  • L-carnitine standard solution
  • Substrate
  • Sterile water
  • Plate cover

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